Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Hey I Shoot Youtube Videos Too

I like to share on mulitple social media platforms; one of them is youtube but if you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know this already! I had been filming from my desk in the office part of the space but I’m working on bigger substrates now so I need to move into the larger space.


My studio/office/craft space is in the unfinished part of my basement. This is to my benefit. While I would love one of those Martha Stewart too pretty to create in spaces being in the basement allows me to nail or spill paint all I want. That being said I created a camera rig out of pvc pipe and connectors attached to the rafters.


There is one part that slides so I can move the camera horizontally. I have a 360 flexible gooseneck cell phone clamp that is 31 inches long do I can move the camera vertically. Also a flexible monkey desktop tripod hanging on that. My lights are from the hardware store and have daylight bulbs. I need one more.



I’ve been away from video making and blogging. But I am returning!


In the Hands of the Creator,