Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Use Grand Caliber Plates in Spellbinders Platinum

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Paper Trey Ink Prize Box August 2017 Release

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

She's Still There Teapot & Teacup Giveaway Winner

I'm still in the year of winning! I entered and won! Enter you never know when you could win.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stampaway 2017 Haul

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The most wonderful thing happened.  But before I tell you remember in a blog post sometime prior to this I was wining about my name. It has been an issue for some time.


I was born a Brown. And Pam is very common.  The Brown problem was my mother thought it was cute to dress me in brown while I love loud vivid colors. My ENT doctor was examining my nose when I was there for post-op vocal chord surgery. The dentist almost pulled a tooth! Yikes. And that is just the problem with being Pam and Brown.


The problem with being Pam is that in my company I have been in a department where there were 4 Pams. The same company had 3 Pam Browns nationwide and 2 in my office (the other was not in my department). I got her check once….I knew immediately it wasn’t mine; she was a boss and I was so not. And just last week while waiting for my mammogram, first they called Donna and 2 women stood up and yes you guessed it they called Pam and 2 of us stood up.


So that brings me to my current last name LEvingston. Why did I bold, underline and Italicize the E…because no one hears it; no one sees it. No matter whether I write it or enunciate it as Lev- (think tax levy)-ing-ston, people hear or see Livingston. Such was the case when I won PaperTreyInk’s Year of Stamps prize for their 10th anniversary.


When they announced the contest I forwarded the email to a group of friends called the Late Night Stampers. My email said enter someone has to win and it might as well be one of us…hahaha. When I was completed the entry form I said to God Let me win and even before the n on win was out of my thoughts I added am I being greedy, I have so much. God is so Good!

I know that I did not misspell my own name because Google auto-input my name and address for me.


So imagine seeing this on PaperTrey’s website when I went to place my order.

year of stamps

I knew that it was me even with an “I”.

I almost fell out of my chair.

I know my friend on the phone got an earful and so did my husband.

I posted to Facebook.

I thanked PaperTrey in their Forum.

But then I worried because no one from PaperTrey acknowledged the typo or that I had indeed won. It bothered me so much I tracked down a former winner to see what to expect, she graciously told me what I would receive. ALL THE STAMPS, THE MINI MAKE IT MARKET KITS. She let me know that it would arrive well after the release and that I would get all the releases for this year and January of 2018. I would not get the Stamp Affair kit….I think I can afford to buy that. No dies I think I can afford to buy those.


So Thanks PaperTrey!

And oh by the way there is a Pam Livingston who works for my company now…but not in Louisville, Kentucky!

You can see what they sent in the first box here:

In His Hand,


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine 2017

I made a few valentines today. And I also created a process video for them.

In His Hands,

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vision Board 2017

Spent the first crafting meetup with friends creating our Vision Boards.
Here is mine:

I  started with Watercolor paper and black Gesso and it went from there. I die cut the runner on my Zing and the 64 oz. water bottle. I made everyone some 2017 die cuts. Some of the items I printed from Google images but most were from my magazine hoard that started from wanting to do Glue Books! Well that didn’t happen.

As you can see I want to eat better, move more and regain my former body type. As I am typing this post I am sitting at my riding desk pedaling away.

In His Hands,