Thursday, November 13, 2008

False Evidence Appearing Real

Today I went for a second look mammogram. I had the first one two weeks ago. And I spent the time in between battling the Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). What a waste of time that was as the report today was positive or negative however you view it. They saw nothing! And I am overjoyed. The prayers of my friends and the support of one special person who went with me is greatly appreciated. I was going to go by myself and then thought why, I don't have to be superwoman this one time. We celebrated after and it was just as good to have someone to celebrate with as it would have been to have someone to lean on.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Sun Shines On Change

This is the line as my Neighbor Darlene  and I approached our polling place. We arrived at 6:25am only to find that there was no place to park so we went a couple of blocks away and parked in a Kroger's parking lot. The mood was festive, electric with hope. Darlene and I talked about what this election could mean to the youth of our community they may actually see what we have told them all the long: YES WE CAN be anything we dream we can be.

When we arrived dawn had not come
But we stood with many of our neighbors in 35 degree weather to usher in the change of our choice. Darlene was moved to tears as were others. 
I hope you get out and vote! We are making History today. As I type this I am watching Barack cast his vote and OMG.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its A Jungle Out There



Whew I'm finally back to stamping! I saw a sample by CJ Vogt, she will be teaching a Copic Marker Class soon (the details have not been finalized yet). And I just had to try it. I love coloring and have since I was a child. I spent many a summer afternoon on the screened in porch with my 64 box of crayolas and a coloring book. Coloring with the Copics takes me back to that contented feeling. Iused just about every E copic I own, some yellows and I stamped the image in Memento Potter's Clay. I also used a Fantastix with some Blending Solution from Ranger to blend some of the colors.


I found out today that CJ's class at Marco's will be November 5th fro 1 to 3pm at Marco's

In His Hands,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am 1!


The Grandgirl turned one last week and today I got some time with her.

She learned to give kisses and now I'm putty in her hands. The video below is of her playing Peek-A-Boo.

My First Tutorial


Today I thought I'd actually film a tutorial. My friends ask me all the time to show them how I color with Copic markers so here goes. First I stamped the image from, Smartworks with Memento Rick Cocoa Ink onto Neenah Classic Crest Solar White. I love how the memento ink dries very quickly and does not smear.


I paused only long enough to take the picture and already the ink is dry enough to color over. Using E000 I colored all the flesh and I wasn't too careful I colored over the eyes because I am going to fix that later. The trick is to work quickly so you get an even texture. But no one's skin is flawless in real life but you want to avoid lines.


Next I added some shadow with E04


Now I know that looks just like what I said not to do, create lines, but the lines are softened by the next color applied E11. I used it to blend the shadows and to have the girl not look so pale.


Then I colored her dress with B21, I used some random strokes to simulate the flow of the fabric.  I let the first application of color dry and then went over the lines the artist drew with a second application of B21 to create shadow and variation.



I colored her hat with a base coat of Y26 and then added highlights of Y13 and Y17.


I outlined the eyes, nose and mouth with Prismacolor Fine Line Marker 03. I think this just makes the girl pop in the finished project.


I added some whites back to her eyes and some teeth to her lips (not there on the stamp I just liked the teeth) with Ranger's Ink Essentials Opaque Pen.


I just went back and colored the flower on her hat with B21 and touched up some of the blending and shadows on her arms, hands by outlining her fingers and the shadows that would fall on her face and under her chin with E11.


I added some shadows all around the outside of the stamped image with G00. Then added another stamp to the background by Crafty Individuals by Magenta multiple times. I colored the background with the wedge applicator and PanPastel's Diarylide Yellow Shade. I added the ribbon with the slot punch by Making Memories, by marking the placement on the back of the piece. Mounted it onto some green cardstock and waa laa its done.



In His Hands,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mt Zion Stampers

Today was the answer to my prayers. While I love the Sistahs I stamp with from nearby Dayton and Springfield (hey Pat, Marie, Lynette, Claret, Lori and homey Reketa), I have longed for an active group here in my home town. God sent me to the Mt Zion Stampers today, a group of women who meet once a month at their church.


I sat at a table with Rena and Judy (Judy was the comedian who put me completely at ease...Thanks Judy)

Rena is showing off her card she made.



Everything was going along smoothly until the glue was squeezed too hard and went every where



But we just laughed and everyone pitched in to get it up before it dried on shirts and projects.


I really enjoyed today and can't wait until next time!


Queen Pam

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I am just in love with my new die cutter the Pazzles Inspiration.

I cut this card IMG_0833 IMG_0842

and this sign:



I made these book marks with Cardstock, Scrapbook paper and Mirror Paper


 IMG_0840 IMG_0841

The card design and the bookmark center piece were files I received from PI Yahoo Groups.

I designed the sign myself. Then I got out some self adhesive film and cut out my initials

I put them on my car and on my cutter and... (my dd said oh no initials will be everywhere)




Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bowled Over

I got a Pazzles Inspiration die cutter and I am having so much fun. I created this card using the cutter.


I was able to make a bunch of these quickly. The inside states my condition.

"You Bowled Me Over!"



Monday, October 06, 2008

In The Trunk


Marco's Paper held a Sidewalk sale and members of their Lucy's Club held a Trunk Sale. Where each member sells their gently loved craft items and supplies for give away prices.

As you can see from the smiles on their faces, it was good for everyone. My friends sold well and there were bargains to be had. The sign on her table said Pat's Prices Can't Be Beat!


Seller: Marie


The store had dollar items for sale outside and other specials inside.




I got some great bargains!

See Ya there next year!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Day

I got a Hurricane Day off work. This is a familiar thing to people who live on a coast but I live in Ohio. Today I ventured out to get some gas as my car was in need. I sat in a line at Sam's for an hour and half and left without gas. I was one car away when I arrived but then the pumps lost power or their computer link or something. It was scary driving through some major intersections without the lights but I made it there and back without incident.

This morning there were still over 500,000 down from 650,000 without power. I was fortunate to only loose power for 4 hours. I saw lots of damage, my house just lost a few shingles but other homes on my route to get gas where not so fortunate. I was also able to get gas later on in the day. We didn't get any of the rain they had originally forecasted. This is a blessing.

I am in prayer for those without power or who lost loved ones or property. QP

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the Dark

Today I learned just how dependent I am on electricity. Our power began to flicker around 2 this afternoon and then went out at 4. It came back on at 8pm tonight. And I am very grateful. My house phone is internet based so no phone. Cell phone calls all failed, I guess the cell tower was out too.  

I watched a movie on my laptop and then I read a book until I lost the light. I sure missed the internet and TV and more than anything the air conditioning. I am having my own personal summer so the air being off made me very uncomfortable.

Many are still without power and the estimates are that it maybe a week before all power in the area is restored. Many lost roofs and 4 people were killed in this the aftermath of Ike so far north here in Ohio.  The winds were so bad all my porch furniture was moved to one side and the porch swing was about to take out a window. I took down the swing. And with the help of my good neighbor I was able to get my outdoor shade taken down as it would not roll up...thanks Good Neighbor. All this in 75 mph winds.

May God bless those who still are without power and those who suffered any loss.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Ever Evolving Studio Sanctuary

I was crusing through the Blogs I subscribe to and was enjoying the organization of many crafters as shown on Paula Pascul's blog and was inspired to show you mine. I spent some of today cleaning off the desk top. I created the desk from a door and it sits atop 2 file cabinets. You can see here a repurposed bank deposit slip organizer. That now holds my peg stamps and poncers. I just got 2 of these so they aren't completely full right now. I added a Plexiglas top so I can stack things on top.


Below this is to the right hand side of my command center. I set up my office so that I can spin around in my chair and reach just about everything that I need.


This is the left side of my command square. In the foreground is my mac it sits on a rolling computer desk I got at Office depot. When someone comes to play with me I take this desk out so we can have more room.


This is behind my chair. It is a row of organizers that I got at Sam's. I topped them off with some particle board from the Home Depot.


This is one of 2 paper holders. It sits atop the organizers on the particle board shelf.


In the right hand corner of the command square.



Following the wall around.


Far right wall outside of the square holds cassette holder with a part of my ink collection and a part of my punches above another desk.


IMG_0799 IMG_0800

Left over chest of drawers from when this room was my son's bedroom.


An overview from the far left corner of the room across to the opposite corner.


Friday, August 29, 2008

This is a Croc?

IF you love Crocs you have to see this. I think Crocs are the most comfortable shoes since Keds!
Classy Chaos: Ummmmmmm.... I am giving away classy sassy SHOES!!!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Fish Eye Zentangle

I thought I'd try my hand at making a Zentangle. It was surprisingly relaxing.
I see a fish, a rendering of the USA flag and a hot air balloon, all unintentional.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Special Cups

I like to drink out of special cups or glasses. I have been known to drink Koolaide out of a martini glass or Hawaiian Punch out of an ornate wine glass. So these are my special crafting glasses!




I started with cheap travel mugs I got at the Flower Factory in Dayton and some Quilting material.

I stamped DP Artworks Clio on typing paper. I wanted thin paper so it would accept the Mod Podge (MP)easily. 1st I applied the MP to the mug and then placed the pre-measured fabric. Added another coat of MP. Added the cut outs of Clio, then another coat of MP. I let things dry between layers. I outlined Clio in silver Krylon, in person it gives the mug a 3D look. Then I stamped an image of multiple profiles as a border. Then I used Diamond Glaze as my finishing coat. And since I like the 3D look from the paint pen I added some actual 3D effects over Clio's eyes and headwrap with the Diamond glaze.  I find MP sticky to the touch even went dry, but since Diamond Glaze is costly I only use it as a top coat and then there is no stickiness. Because of the fabric the end result feels like leather. I added some generic Dew Drops that I got from Michael's in the floral department (much less costly). Clio Cup was actually the second cup I made, here is the first.


Have you ever had a beautiful piece of handmade paper that you would not use because then it would be gone? Well my solution to this was a Special Paper Special Cup! I pieced the paper on and then used my MP with the Diamond Glaze top coat and some more of the faux dew drops. This time I used Glitter MP although the picture doesn't show it. I was also careful to make sure the paper and fabric where completely sealed around the seams so they can survive washing.

Make some thing special today!

Edited: They are holding up well to washing, each has been washed by hand, fully submerged multiple times!