Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mt Zion Stampers

Today was the answer to my prayers. While I love the Sistahs I stamp with from nearby Dayton and Springfield (hey Pat, Marie, Lynette, Claret, Lori and homey Reketa), I have longed for an active group here in my home town. God sent me to the Mt Zion Stampers today, a group of women who meet once a month at their church.


I sat at a table with Rena and Judy (Judy was the comedian who put me completely at ease...Thanks Judy)

Rena is showing off her card she made.



Everything was going along smoothly until the glue was squeezed too hard and went every where



But we just laughed and everyone pitched in to get it up before it dried on shirts and projects.


I really enjoyed today and can't wait until next time!


Queen Pam


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