Wednesday, January 14, 2015

From A Mess to A Masterpiece

I have been playing with a technique I learned at the Kentuckiana Calligraphy Guild meeting. We do so much more than calligraphy or I could not be a member! It’s a collage technique.


It is an exercise to loosen up your creativity. You use up all your scraps.

It starts out looking like a mess really.

art card016

But from this mess came so many mini masterpieces. I cut it up into ATCs. The pictures don’t do them justice as the metallic paint just does not photograph in all its glory.

art card015art card014

art card013art card012

art card011art card010

art card009art card008

art card007art card006

art card005art card004

art card003art card002

Never give up…if it’s a mess you just might be able to turn it into mini masterpieces.


In His Hand,