Monday, October 22, 2012


LnL does it mean Laughing and Loving. It could, because we did. But it means Late-Nite in Louisville. My friends from the Cincinnati Based Late-Night Stamper group came and spent the day with me on Saturday and I was so blessed by their presence.


They entered into my craft area with Christmas music playing as the majority of the crafts we were to make where Christmas themed.  I started the day by introducing them to my new Pet Dog Bling.



They thought I had gotten a dog. LOL! I created him during a resin/mold class but he was not made with either one. He is made out of sculpy clay and different kinds of glitter. I may have found a new talent….not.



I donned my Tiara, then we opened with prayer. Ms. Wanda is a praying woman, yes sir; bless God; and once covered by the blood of Jesus we got down to crafti-goodness.



First we made a bottle station and matching designer clothes pins.



It is made out of PVC pipe coupling and designer paper. It is held together with hot glue. The paper is adhered with gel medium. Above is the sample I have been using for a couple of months. It comes in handy keeping your glue bottles upside down so that the glue is ready when you are.

Ms. WandaIMG_2255

Ms. RubyIMG_2256(she is just so cute!)


Then we got started making Christmas Door Knob Hangers.


this is the sample:


Ms. BonnieIMG_2253


Ms. RenaIMG_2254


Ms. MaryIMG_2257(Free Range Chicken I’m still laughing that’s a story Mary told us)


This is my work in process. Its hard to teach and create at the same time.IMG_2265

I used the Tim Holtz holiday rosette to create the embellishment and there is a trick to getting 2 different sizes out of one size die. See my YouTube video for details.


Then we had to eat; crafting is hard work. My hubby, wonderful chef that he is made Chicken Salad and I made Brundage Soup ( I named the recipe after the friend who came up with it). The Ladies brought salad, brownies, two kinds of cookies and chocolate cake. I had some Klondike bars and oh the things they did for those bars. All that put Ms. Vickie to sleep!. Here are the other cards we made.

Ms. VickyIMG_2261


It was getting late so I sent them home with the supplies to make this card. That’s my way of keeping a party going.IMG_2270


Everyone made it back home to Cincy safe and sound and I am still LNL Laughing and Loving and already planning for next year!


In the hands of the creator,



Saturday, October 06, 2012

World Card Making Day 2012

Just a quick post to celebrate World Card Making Day.

I just made this card using copics. Got Copic Certified yesterday so now I must practice Practice Practice!

Picture 70




A closer look.

Picture 71

I made a video about and you can find it on my YouTube channel: Elon47 channel


I hope you get to make a card today!


In the Hands of the Creator,