Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Day

I got a Hurricane Day off work. This is a familiar thing to people who live on a coast but I live in Ohio. Today I ventured out to get some gas as my car was in need. I sat in a line at Sam's for an hour and half and left without gas. I was one car away when I arrived but then the pumps lost power or their computer link or something. It was scary driving through some major intersections without the lights but I made it there and back without incident.

This morning there were still over 500,000 down from 650,000 without power. I was fortunate to only loose power for 4 hours. I saw lots of damage, my house just lost a few shingles but other homes on my route to get gas where not so fortunate. I was also able to get gas later on in the day. We didn't get any of the rain they had originally forecasted. This is a blessing.

I am in prayer for those without power or who lost loved ones or property. QP

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the Dark

Today I learned just how dependent I am on electricity. Our power began to flicker around 2 this afternoon and then went out at 4. It came back on at 8pm tonight. And I am very grateful. My house phone is internet based so no phone. Cell phone calls all failed, I guess the cell tower was out too.  

I watched a movie on my laptop and then I read a book until I lost the light. I sure missed the internet and TV and more than anything the air conditioning. I am having my own personal summer so the air being off made me very uncomfortable.

Many are still without power and the estimates are that it maybe a week before all power in the area is restored. Many lost roofs and 4 people were killed in this the aftermath of Ike so far north here in Ohio.  The winds were so bad all my porch furniture was moved to one side and the porch swing was about to take out a window. I took down the swing. And with the help of my good neighbor I was able to get my outdoor shade taken down as it would not roll up...thanks Good Neighbor. All this in 75 mph winds.

May God bless those who still are without power and those who suffered any loss.