Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stampaway behind me

So sad Stampaway is over. I feel kinda like the week after Christmas; all the hoopla is done, the friends and family have gone home…but just like after Christmas, New Years is coming and so I have new toys to play with and new memories to treasure.

I took a class with Tim Holtz called Charmed Possessions, I was the first person to get a ticket. Can you say I drove my order to the store the day it came!IMG_1778 and there I am…I’m the elbow on the left.6a00e39827d9ad88330134863bd44e970c-800wi

I was sitting next to Claret and my Friend Mert was next to her. Off camera is my new friend Gail who I met through another online friend Lisa. Found a picture of my classmates, can’t remember the name of Gail’s friend…so sorry, but she was fun to be with.tims's class copy Lisa drove from South Carolina for the event. I was so glad to get to meet her in person after knowing her from several online groups, she is so beautiful. Didn’t get a picture of her how did I manage to forget to do that. Here are the projects we made:

IMG_1788 for this bracelet we were given a fell set of Tim’s type charms and we had some of his papers; so each person left with a completely different bracelet. I was so glad that Tim was generous with the bracelet links I think you got a full 10 inches or so. This next piece is a pin and I can so see it on my winter coat or hat. It is based on a domino.


This one is my least favorite piece and I think because my kit had copper, brass and silver toned pieces in it. While I’m not so much a matchy matchy type person I just could not make this come together. I will most likely rework it, swap out the chain and colorize the keyhole.IMG_1795

From my least favorite to my favorite; a heart necklace. Love love Love hearts! And a crown for the queen…how did T!m know!!


I will probably wear the color off of this one!


Back with more on my picks from Stampaway!

In the Hands of the Creator,



Audrey Frelx said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think they're all beautiful!

P>S. How could Tim not know?!!! I mean, after all a queen IS a queen... LOL!

Pamela Levingston said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Audrey thanks for viewing the blog and your kind words. Tim's class was good, take one if you can.

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