Monday, June 02, 2008

Which Is It?

Can you tell what I colored this card with:



Have you guessed yet?


come on give it a shot


ok I'll tell


It was either :

A: Copic Markers

B: Tombo Markers

C: Prismacolor Pencils


well if you guessed "C" you are right.  I was trying out a new paper from

Neenah called Solar White Super Smooth and the pencils glided over it like butter on warm toast! And the presentation looks like Copic markers.  I also tried the Tombos on this paper and there were NO lines in the coloring. Super Smooth it is,  the Copics look really great on them.  I found mine at Expedex. I hope you are able to find some for your self.  If you can't find the super smooth there is another version of Solar White that I have seen at Ellen Hutson's online store.



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