Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The most wonderful thing happened.  But before I tell you remember in a blog post sometime prior to this I was wining about my name. It has been an issue for some time.


I was born a Brown. And Pam is very common.  The Brown problem was my mother thought it was cute to dress me in brown while I love loud vivid colors. My ENT doctor was examining my nose when I was there for post-op vocal chord surgery. The dentist almost pulled a tooth! Yikes. And that is just the problem with being Pam and Brown.


The problem with being Pam is that in my company I have been in a department where there were 4 Pams. The same company had 3 Pam Browns nationwide and 2 in my office (the other was not in my department). I got her check once….I knew immediately it wasn’t mine; she was a boss and I was so not. And just last week while waiting for my mammogram, first they called Donna and 2 women stood up and yes you guessed it they called Pam and 2 of us stood up.


So that brings me to my current last name LEvingston. Why did I bold, underline and Italicize the E…because no one hears it; no one sees it. No matter whether I write it or enunciate it as Lev- (think tax levy)-ing-ston, people hear or see Livingston. Such was the case when I won PaperTreyInk’s Year of Stamps prize for their 10th anniversary.


When they announced the contest I forwarded the email to a group of friends called the Late Night Stampers. My email said enter someone has to win and it might as well be one of us…hahaha. When I was completed the entry form I said to God Let me win and even before the n on win was out of my thoughts I added am I being greedy, I have so much. God is so Good!

I know that I did not misspell my own name because Google auto-input my name and address for me.


So imagine seeing this on PaperTrey’s website when I went to place my order.

year of stamps

I knew that it was me even with an “I”.

I almost fell out of my chair.

I know my friend on the phone got an earful and so did my husband.

I posted to Facebook.

I thanked PaperTrey in their Forum.

But then I worried because no one from PaperTrey acknowledged the typo or that I had indeed won. It bothered me so much I tracked down a former winner to see what to expect, she graciously told me what I would receive. ALL THE STAMPS, THE MINI MAKE IT MARKET KITS. She let me know that it would arrive well after the release and that I would get all the releases for this year and January of 2018. I would not get the Stamp Affair kit….I think I can afford to buy that. No dies I think I can afford to buy those.


So Thanks PaperTrey!

And oh by the way there is a Pam Livingston who works for my company now…but not in Louisville, Kentucky!

You can see what they sent in the first box here:


In His Hand,


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine 2017

I made a few valentines today. And I also created a process video for them.

In His Hands,

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vision Board 2017

Spent the first crafting meetup with friends creating our Vision Boards.
Here is mine:

I  started with Watercolor paper and black Gesso and it went from there. I die cut the runner on my Zing and the 64 oz. water bottle. I made everyone some 2017 die cuts. Some of the items I printed from Google images but most were from my magazine hoard that started from wanting to do Glue Books! Well that didn’t happen.

As you can see I want to eat better, move more and regain my former body type. As I am typing this post I am sitting at my riding desk pedaling away.

In His Hands,

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Principle Is The Same

Hey I’m taking a year long class called Lifebook. I like having classes to entertain me. I am usually taking more than one at a time. And this isn’t my first year long class and so I know that I usually fizzle out and loose interest at some point along the way. Not so with this one because I have learned that The Principle is the same.

Let me explain that a bit. I have taken many classes both online and in person. Invariability there is someone in live classes who needs their finished project to look exactly like the class sample. And I suppose there is some value in that. But that has never floated my boat. Well there was that one time when the teacher changed the class so much from the sample that I was not happy; but mostly I like to go my own way. Back in my courting days when women took to wearing pants out to the night club, I wore dresses. My hair stylist likes to part my hair on my bad side, I got her to switch…do you see where I’m going here…I think you do.

So when the Lifebook teacher taught a class on making a junk journal my little outside the box mind baulked. I don’t need a purse journal its not something I practiced, journaling while out and about. So I decided to use her technique but not on a journal. She started with white gesso, I went with black. I agree with Seth Apter that it add a richness of depth to a piece.

I started with a piece of junk like she did,  but I used something bigger, the packaging that my crafty goodness came in just that day. I turned it into some I need: a pocket. You see I had spent the previous evening looking for my watercolor chart only to find that my Alex drawers had eaten it. After looking everywhere and I mean
ev-ver-ry-where in my studio and if you want to see why that is a frustrating endeavor see my previous post where I gave a tour of my studio spaces. I needed a pocket to hang on the outside of the Alex drawers to hold my chart instead of putting it inside where it could slip behind the drawer again. I didn’t even think that was possible.

Here it is empty:

And here full:

And so the principle was the same I just used it my way to make some I needed, something I’ll actually use!

Can you guess who the teacher is?
In His Hand,

2016 Craft Room Walk Through

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Birthday 2016 Card haul

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Pulley Consternation...

IF that title sounds like an episode of The Big Bang Theory hold on. In my last post I told you that my craft space is in the unfinished part of our basement. My stencils hang from a rod suspended on chains. This mostly worked; but to save my shoulders and neck I have to stand on a step stool to sort through them. I wanted them up and out the way when not in use and thus the short chain. I got a smart idea that maybe I could use something to raise and lower the rod and thus begins the saga of the pulley consternation.

This involves physics.

This involves engineering.

Someone should have warned me, I skipped physics took all the biology type science classes instead in high school. I wanted to be a doctor. I felt like I needed the help of Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, Lenard Hoffstadter and Howard Walowitz. I’m like a dog with a bone on this one. I went to Lowes so often that the staff knew my name. I availed myself, at least twice, of the Same-day-shipping from Amazon. But after much frustration and 4 attempts and throwing too much money at it, I have something that works!


I started with a bike lifter (epic fail) 20160502_110848
and while it worked I soon found out that I was not strong enough for this simple set up and that my stencils were so heavy they bent the bar and everything slid to one side or the other. And if I ever did use this thing it would not be often enough.
Enter a block and tackle pulley setup. 20160505_132002
This has a 7:1 weight ratio (the physics part) so weak little me is now able to use this with little effort. 7:1 means I pull with one 7th of the force required to lift the actual weight.  I conquered 
the bending of the steel rod with a spruce pine furring 2x2x8 strip and some lag screw eye hooks.20160505_131930

What I used that worked
2 block and tackle pulley setups
6 foot ¼ inch diameter steel rod
2 ¼ inch axel caps
4 or more lag screw eye hooks
2 wire cable clamps (secures rod so that it will not slid out of the lag eyes)
2 block and tackle pulley setups
1 spruce pine furring 2x2x8 strip (cut to 6 feet and sanded smooth)
6 larger screw eye hooks (large enough for the block and tackle hook to pass through)
A wall cleat to tie the ropes off with.
Screw Driver (makes quick work of the screw eyes)
A husband with the patience of Job (NBA playoffs every night)
Oh did I say I made 2 of these yikes! One (shown above) for small stencils and the other for 12 inch stencils.

As always I leave you
In HIs Hands,