Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Sun Shines On Change

This is the line as my Neighbor Darlene  and I approached our polling place. We arrived at 6:25am only to find that there was no place to park so we went a couple of blocks away and parked in a Kroger's parking lot. The mood was festive, electric with hope. Darlene and I talked about what this election could mean to the youth of our community they may actually see what we have told them all the long: YES WE CAN be anything we dream we can be.

When we arrived dawn had not come
But we stood with many of our neighbors in 35 degree weather to usher in the change of our choice. Darlene was moved to tears as were others. 
I hope you get out and vote! We are making History today. As I type this I am watching Barack cast his vote and OMG.



Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This really was a day to remember in history. The long line of folks was rewarding to see. Hopefully, the apathy that has been plaguing our political elections has come to an end. I finally felt like I had a choice in candidates. I live in a Republican stronghold and so have heard many reasons why McCain was the man. I listened and really tried to give their candidate a fair look. I was still overwhelmingly in support of Obama. By the way, that was a great shot of your neighbor. Let's pray for the health and wisdom for our new president-elect.

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