Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Ever Evolving Studio Sanctuary

I was crusing through the Blogs I subscribe to and was enjoying the organization of many crafters as shown on Paula Pascul's blog and was inspired to show you mine. I spent some of today cleaning off the desk top. I created the desk from a door and it sits atop 2 file cabinets. You can see here a repurposed bank deposit slip organizer. That now holds my peg stamps and poncers. I just got 2 of these so they aren't completely full right now. I added a Plexiglas top so I can stack things on top.


Below this is to the right hand side of my command center. I set up my office so that I can spin around in my chair and reach just about everything that I need.


This is the left side of my command square. In the foreground is my mac it sits on a rolling computer desk I got at Office depot. When someone comes to play with me I take this desk out so we can have more room.


This is behind my chair. It is a row of organizers that I got at Sam's. I topped them off with some particle board from the Home Depot.


This is one of 2 paper holders. It sits atop the organizers on the particle board shelf.


In the right hand corner of the command square.



Following the wall around.


Far right wall outside of the square holds cassette holder with a part of my ink collection and a part of my punches above another desk.


IMG_0799 IMG_0800

Left over chest of drawers from when this room was my son's bedroom.


An overview from the far left corner of the room across to the opposite corner.



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Pam, love your room.....girl you have GOT some stuff!!!
Whose stamp is that in the first picture, African American Woman????? Brenda R.

QueenPam said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Brenda, The stamp is Maya from DP Artworks. I think it is Maya Angelou, they have several AA stamps. 2 of Rosa Parks. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. QP

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have been waiting til I got home to comment on your room. It is fantastic! Like me, you've got a lot of stuff. I am so envious of that marker collection. I feel like I could sit at your desk and have a great time playing and being creative. I couldn't tell where the window is located. Do you have natural light coming into the room? Is there a light overhead in the ceiling? I saw the ott lite on the desk. Can someone sit in the station behind you and work? Also, what is in the dresser left from when it was your son's room? Are the binders labeled flowers, etc. your unmounteds? Do you find that you use the unmounteds/clear stamps? How are your clear stamps organized?

Thanks for showing us your creative space.

QueenPam said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sandy, there are 2 windows in the room, when I sit at my desk they are to my right. There is a ceiling fan overhead with daylight bulbs in it, a floor lamp(that I use the most)and the ott light for close work. The binder are my unmounteds, I am a mostly unmounteds stamper. I take the ones on wood off most of the time. My clear stamps are all in a binder together. They are my stamps of choice at the moment because I can see through them. when someone comes to play I take out the computer desk, so we can walk around and then they do sit at the other desk. The desk has some craft dies for dies cutting are in one drawer, that grandgirl gets another drawer and the others are mostly catch all drawers. hmmm better go through them. thanks for looking. QP

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