Saturday, May 03, 2008

Its A Beautiful Day!

I made this card to uplift a friend who may be battling cancer yet again. Her fear was not of the cancer treatment but that she might die. Today however she is not dead and so I encouraged her to live it despite what might happen. Each day is a gift and should not be wasted but lived to the fullest because God says tomorrow is not promised to any of us, which ever side of "what might be" we find ourselves on.


At work we went through a culture shaping seminar and one of the things I came away with was "BE HERE NOW". So many times we are multi-tasking to the point of missing out on the full experience of any one thing. Try eating away from the TV or Computer (my personal favorite) and just slowly chew the food and experience all the favors. Or really watch TV without crafting or computing at the same time. Really listen to your child or friend when they want to talk. Try it and see if you don't get so much more from the conversation, I know your child or friend will. I did.

Here's the envelope I sent the card in since I was having so much fun making the dots:


Supplies used

Versafine Onyx Black ink

Stamps by Inkadinkado

Paper: Basic Grey and Craft cardstock from Hollos

Dots with Ranger's Inkessentials Opaque Pen and on the envelope Souffe Pen


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Love the dots! Love the stamps! Your friend will enjoy getting this envelope in the mail.

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